Business Solutions

Commercialization solutions:

We guide entrepreneurs by providing them with a real-world understanding of the unique dynamics of technology markets, and the nuances of starting and growing an early-stage company, including: developing a viable business plan and road map, staffing for growth, researching market opportunities, selecting best locations suited for your business, researching available state and local business incentives and positioning the company to attract real investment capital.

Business development:

By constantly monitoring all sectors of the industry and market segments we provide our clients with efficient and effective identification of new business opportunities and niches. Creating client teams and assisting in developing new business plans turn opportunities into profitable businesses.

Production/operations improvement:

Most companies are often faced with a key management challenge-improving unit performance and profitability. We have helped operators enjoy a significant improvement in their bottom line by examining their operations and providing actionable solutions that make a real difference in their profit margins.

New product development and go-to-market programs:

As markets change, the way a new product goes to market must also change. What are the most effective ways to market, sell and distribute the company’s products and services in a new environment? We help companies plan and implement new programs to successfully adapt to market changes.

Growth planning:

Planning for and achieving outstanding revenue and profit growth requires new approaches to thinking about the company’s market opportunities and its resources and capabilities. Our growth planning process gives clients a structured and efficient approach to achieving profitable growth.

E-business strategy:

The internet has transformed the way companies do business in the global market. While the changes have been less dramatic in the last few years because of the economic slump, no company can afford to ignore the need to establish a sound internet strategy. Our services allow you to craft a plan that reflects the unique issues related to your company and industry sector.