Our Partner Team

One2consult has built since 2001 a prestigious and established network of service providers and independent experts in almost of all the segments of the markets. Our Team’s members are committed  to sharing technology, resources and industry expertise within our working groups to provide enhanced  solutions to unique problems.

Each project and each situation requires a different approach and different sets of tools and experience.  One template solution cannot work for all situations. That is why we have a resource of talented  independent expert business consultants Team ready to provide their services nationwide and globally.

Our Team is comprised of an ideal blend of performance excellence practitioners with years of roll-up-  your-sleeves experience, and troubleshooting experts who truly understand how to develop outstanding  solutions to small business needs. We know what we’re doing, plain and simple. Our diverse, talented  Team has extensive experience in technology, strategic planning and business consulting, and all of us are focused on quality and customer satisfaction.

From research and planning through training and tactical execution, our people understand successful  business programs. We know what makes companies tick and how to take advantage of our Team’s  broad knowledge base to help you achieve your business goals.


Team expertise in the following areas:

Business planning
Business development
New product development
Cost reduction
Organizational effectiveness implementation
Go-to-market programs
Growth planning
E Business strategy
Sourcing and out sourcing
Production-Operations improvement
Shipping and chartering
Air cargo operations and transport
Origination (farm and agribusiness)
Trade Marks and Patents
Infrastructure projects
International business
Joint ventures
Export and Import solutions
Cross-cultural business challenges
Governmental regulatory issues