Who We Are

Our Team is made of “roll-up-the-sleeves” professionals with a passion for growing companies.

Our forte is helping companies achieve strategic growth, cost reduction, profitability, increase cash-flow,  capital-raising and value enhancements by working with the owner and management team. Combining  the best and most practical of small-company entrepreneurial passion with larger-company structured  disciplines and utilizing the most valuable experiences gained working with entrepreneurs and their  startups from 1994 to the present.

Our multitalented Team assesses situations and environments rapidly, find win-win solutions, develop  sound guidance, and communicate with multiple cross-discipline teams ensuring strategic, operational  and financial objectives are set and met.

Our solid reputation comes from our responsive, straight talk—“real life” and “hands on” experience,  clearly communicating strategies, growth drivers, controlling risks, improving sales and profitability—  and most importantly building relationships of TRUST.