Startup advisor & architect, mentor, business Sherpa

Money is just a tool; I provide teamwork & collaboration to help you climb to the summit! sm

Hal Tezcan


Three decades of skill sets and experience working with early-stage entrepreneurs; building partnerships, helping raise capital, commercializing ideas and concepts. With access to vast and proven professional network of resources to test, validate and advance entrepreneurs innovations and ideas at each step of development, helping new ventures move forward.


Intimate hands-on, real-life knowledge in leveraging unique set of assets and skill sets to accelerate the path to market commercialization by:

  • Identifying and overcoming technical, administrative and financial hurdles

  • Optimizing and validating product designs and services to answer exact customer needs

  • Measuring and quantifying the business model value proposition

  • Improving revenue generation and maximizing investment returns

  • Creating an environment of trust and credibility with partners, customers and investors


The past three decades of involvement in various segments of technology and business startups has prepared me to quickly learn new technologies and identify potential business opportunities in nascent technologies. During this same period I was able to establish a network of entrepreneurs, scientists, lawyers, and industry professionals with skill sets and from the trenches expertise capable of providing support and assistance in almost any business and technology environment.


I help start-ups and established businesses evaluate, validate, market, commercialize and monetize their ideas and inventions.

Following are some core skills that I can contribute to success generation:

  • Business Case and Model preparation

  • Business value proposition creation

  • Validate ideas and business cases

  • Technology Landscaping and gap analysis

  • Presentation/pitch honing and mastery

  • Strategic alliance, partnering and licensing creation

  • Experience in IP research and patent preparation

  • IP valuation for founders and investors